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Greetings Everyone, Nowadays more and more people are listening to the call of the Heart! Their inner Self whispers "joy, love, silence"... Meditation is the foundation of all healing techniques. Dr. Usui's Reiki is a Japanese re-discovered ancient technique that allows the energy of Life, the Chi, the Prana, to energise and nourish the centers of the body. Reiki re-aligns the individual 's energy with the energy of the Existence, resulting into spiritual liquidity, deep relaxation, mental clarity and emotional positivity. It offers balance, helps in taking complete responsibility of one's thoughts, emotions and actions and restores the energy flow of body, soul and mind. I am a certified practitioner for more than 7 years. I live and work in Geneva. Although, Reiki and meditation is what I love the most and this is why I strongly feel that everyone deserves to experience love, joy, blissfullness and balance in their life. Reiki is an hourly session, however before and after conversations may be taking place in order to ground the energy. I consider it part of the whole session, so it is included in the original price. If you also feel the call of your Heart, do not hesitate to answer to it by inviting the wonderful energy of Reiki into your life. Until then..Samassati Kind wishes, Anastasios

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Reiki is a gentle tool, that helps us reconnect with our true entity. The elements that characterise it are profound relaxation and inner sensation of healing. I am a certified practitioner of Usui Reiki of 1st & 2nd degree. I enjoy Reiki, because it can only source from the heart and I believe it is something everyone should experience.

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