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From: Geneve, switzerland
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I´m Florencia Bruno de Uchitel, 33 years old. I ´m Italian-Argentinian, with B permit. I live at Geneva, Eux Vives, whit my husband. I have a lot of experience, during my six college years, studying medicine, i´ve worked as babysitter. J'aime cette activité: jouer, et faire toutes les tâches nécessaires. I speak spanish, english, and i´m learning french. Regards, Flor Bonjour Je suis Florencia Bruno de Uchitel, une jeune italien-argentine de 33 ans, qui habite au centre de Geneve, Eux Vives, avec mon marie. Actuellement, je prends des cours de francais (niveau A1) car je suis passionnée par cette langue. Par rapport a mes activités, j'ai étudié la médecine 5 ans, et professeur d'éducation physique (sports) 3 ans en Argentine. Au cours de mes années d'études, j'ai travaillé comme baby-sitter. J´aime beaucoup les enfants et jouer avec eux, et de faire toutes les tâches nécessaires, afin de contribuer a son education. Je suis une personne dynamique, responsable, organisée, créative, et très attentive. J´ai de l´experience dans la garde d'enfants. Je suis totalement disponible pour plus d´information.

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Permis B; permis de conduire. Non-fumeuse Je parle espagnol, anglais, et mon français est de base.

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Florencia is a perfect babysitter, very attentive and kind. She is creative playing with my kid and he love her. I feel very confident leaving my child with her. She is flexible with time table, very punctual, and when iam at home she always ask what else she can do to help me. (pro-active) Florencia is a person of trust, i really recomend her


With Florencia we have a friendship of many years. We have met at school. I know her very well and I know her family. They are very nice people and Florencia is a very serious, profesional and responsible person. I think that when you know the family of somebody you can guess how the person is. Florencia loves children, she has always loved them since she was young. She is very funny, talkative, spontaneous and creative person that's why I guess children spend unforgettable moments with her. I think it's very important to be creative when we work with children. Simona, my three years old daughter has spent many afternoons with Florencia when we've lived in Nice (France). I was working and during that time Florencia has come to Nice to help me. I needed someone like her, a trustable person to leave my daughter with. Simona will never forget those days when they went to the park together. They used to sing, to act, to run, to draw, to paint and do so many activities when I was out of home, they've shared constructive and interesting moments. I do really recommend Florencia to take care of your children: your children will be happy to spend time with her and you will be happy to find someone you can completely trust on.