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Math and Science (Physics, Chemistry) tutoring (IB,IGCSE and Junior/Senior high)


From: Geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english

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I have been teaching Math/Science since last 6 years. In Geneva I have taught for almost two years (especially for IB and IGCSE level). I am a Research Assistant at University of Geneva and even teach university students. I aim at fundamentals and emphasize over deep understanding of the basic concepts. I also use mnemonic techniques to help my students to remember faster and for longer period (Although calculators are generally preferred by students I discourage the use of same and help students to compute faster without a calculator). If interested, contact me for a free demo class.

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The lesson went very well. Manish came on time, he was very nice, patient & polite. I think he managed to engage my son so much that in fact time – 2 hrs passed very quickly. He even stayed a bit longer to explain something else. I would gladly recommend Manish.
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