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Recorder and flute (traverso) lessons - focussing on performance and enjoyment

Music Lessons

From: Geneva, switzerland
Speaks: english french german

About my service

Who wants to learn one of the most inspiring and wonderful instruments, the flute? I am a professional flutist and music teacher, (email hidden) I know the fulfilling beauty, that music implies, I love to share my experience and knowledge in trying to help others on their musical way. I am equally experienced in working with children and teenagers as with adults - single classes or groups. Furthermore I can offer you German, French and English as language of communication. I would be happy to see you soon in classes!

My experience

I have been working as a music teacher and a musician for more than 12 years and in many different contexts: music conservatory, high school, church, private lessons... I am also a professional German teacher.

My certifications

Master of Arts in traverso (artistic) Master of Arts in traverso (educational) Diploma in recorder (artistic) Diploma in recorder (educational) Master of Education (German and Music)

Practical information

I can offer a first instrument for amateurs and of course I bring my music - but if you have anything special, you want to learn, a song, a piece, a melody, that is of course always most welcome! A music stand is useful, but I can bring along my own.

On request, I can provide

Depending on your requests, we could sooner or later use a book for the recorder or the traverso - but that is to decide on the spot.

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